Interview with Lucien Cerise: “facing the biopower, we do not have the economic capital but the human capital.”

In a recent interview with Vice, the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has expressed his concern about the new incoming monitoring program, which he has called “the architecture of oppression”. We asked to Lucien Cerise about his analysis of the new incoming social control.

R/ Is the current health state of emergency a good way for the governments to keep on restricting our collective and individual freedoms? According to you, is the containment a kind of tool for social engineering?

The current state of emergency is the ideal pretext to intent to create the consent of the populations in favour of a transformation of the social relations throughout a transhumanist purpose, which consist of a general scientific supervision, presenting a strong nature of prison environment and concentration system, tending towards a sense of artificialization and reification of the living kind, its reification, its reduction to a mere object. The notion of biopower as Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben used to use can constitute a source of inspiration for us to describe such a political power which studies biology, medicine and biological sciences as well as the law and the economy. The biopower is nothing but a reactualisation of the notion of eugenics, and can be defined by by an increasing intrusion inside the physical intimacy of people to modify it, and above all, to control it.

Indeed, what disturbs the biopower is the proliferation of life and its organic patterns, impossible to be fully controlled. Transhumanism is an attempt to enclose organic life into an updated, but above all, sterilized, standardized and under control pattern, an attempt to to murder the life and its unpredictable and overwhelming features. Normal people tend to naturally refuse transhumanism.

In order to confine them into this system, it is obviously necessary to attract of frighten them so that they can be willingly submitted throughout social engineering methods like that of the “pyromaniac firefighter” or the Karpman’s triangle, which involves making use of the psychological and emotional projections of the oppressor/victim/rescuer trilogy.

It starts when a crisis triggers and then a phishing operation of mindset piracy dealing with the

identity usurpation and trust abusing does occur at this time, when the author of the crisis, who is the real oppressor, turns himself into the position of the “victim”, arguing that he is the “rescuer” who is going to protect the “victims” of the crisis. When the mindset piracy operation becomes effective, when the oppressor has once overcame the abused population and managed to attract it, overthrowing by the way its proper defence capacities, considering that the population consider the oppressor as the saviour, thus the hacker-oppressor is able to starts the second phase of the operation without any heavy efficient resistance, implying that the revision of the social architecture is meant to be presented as a solution to the crisis. That reformation of the social relations tends to take the control of the relations between people based on free will in order to rebuild these relations.

How it will be performed? It implies the manipulation of the social relations based on trust and suspicion for the purpose of controlling the relations of proximity and distance. Since the coronavirus pandemic crisis has spread, social relations among people in the world are reviewed to be based on a mistrustful and paranoiac mindset, following a kind of global triangular conflict meant to be a constant war of all against all. Everyone is committed to feel cautious about other’s intentions and about nature, keeping distant from the others and the world, dealing with the fact that the distance is established by the biopower everyone is committed to be submitted and trust in, with the risk to be considered as a “pro-conspiracy” mind and to undergo judiciary repressions in case of a lack of obedience.

The biopower policy dealing with the Covid-19 crisis can be synthetically described as the willingness to separate the History in two parts and to ensure that Mankind has entered a new era of self-organization of the living kind which will be increasingly abolished in order to be fully controlled and rationalized by a eugenic-scientist-shaped power.

R/ Massive digital monitoring goes through commonly known applications such as Apple or Google dealing with health control. How do the States and multinational companies of the Silicon Valley manage to share the informations and tasks in this operation ?

The States and the the big multinational firms are most of the time controlled either directly or not by the military industrial complex, which is not exclusively American, arguing that each country has its own one, and considering in the same time that the American military industrial complex is the most aggressive one. The vanguard of the scientific research always undergoes the sponsorship, supervised then dissolved into the “research and development” military units. On a geopolitical scale, everything is weaponized and subject to power relations, everything is related to the will to power and to the relations between slave and master dialectic. Geolocation and massive digital monitoring applications are turned into tools ensuring social control tending to a militarization of the behaviours.

We are facing a hybrid world war. China for instance is constantly facing tensions with the United States and Georges Soros and must establish a military discipline to its own population thanks to a global software leadership. China must prevent and limit the inherent risks of foreign software piracy in order to preserve its own digital sovereignty, that explains Beijing’s campaign to withdraw itself from the foreign operating systems such as Windows Microsoft’s brand, which is the most famous one, to develop new Chinese operating systems and digital settings, made in China and free from the backdoors spyware NSA programs. China is eventually going to become a dark hole for the Anglo-Saxon information services, the

Five Eyes from the UKUSA agreement and the ECHELON system and their Israeli puppets among others. It would be almost impossible to hack, spy and hit the Chinese digital network for it will be much better secure than nowadays. The Chinese case would possess a strong training ability on an international scale and provide admiration thanks to replicating effects both in Asia and worldwide.

It can be easily understood that the Chinese emancipation from the Western digital hegemony is currently causing a panic effect in the Silicon Valley, in Washington DC and Tel Aviv: the neoconservative dream of world domination is falling apart. It does not mean that the Chinese government is going to establish the paradise on earth but it would probably lower the control of its own population if the risks of national destabilisation by both foreign and inner attacks conducted by Western proxies would be contained.

R/ Will French people be able to refuse the digital printing?

The biopower does not expect us to have any choice. Like many people, I see the puzzle parts being put together for a few time with the Tarnac case which occurred in 2008 had been a consciousnesstriggering and spur me to write a text that I published as an anonymous author, Gouverner par le chaos – Ingénierie sociale et mondialisation. (Rule by chaos – Social Engineering and globalization)

I used to describe in this book the way some political and economical forces try to implement a digital dictatorship by the means of a shock doctrine which could had been an epidemic crisis, basing my statement on the forecast published in 2004 in a manifest called Le Livre bleu (The Blue book), written by the French digital lobby, the GIXEL (later called ACSIEL in 2013), which related some of the stratagems committed to be used in order to ensure the public opinion to accept the development of the digital identity(1). As part of the foundation ID-2020, Bill Gates is elaborating a digital identification system meant to be spread worldwide and try to sell it arguing that the Coronavirus is urging the world population to be vaccinated, what implies everyone must be issued a digital certificate for vaccination. Plenty of quite evasive technologies dealing with digital certificate are currently under study: inside your Smartphone ; inside an electronic bracelet ; on a quantum dots skin tattoo ; just under the skin throughout computer chips. If we can by the end have the choice and be spared from this fate, it would mean that we would have overcome the power balance to be able to say “No!”. Everything is determined by the following formula : containment/social distance/vaccination/electronic monitoring, which must be dismantled issue after issue.

What do you think the further events to be expected by us ?

In fact, the question we must ask to ourselves is: how much important my involvement will be in the following events? There is a huge need to find a way out of the position of the spectator or that of the events analyst, we must create events. The globalist biopower relies on huge economical means to create large scale events, to affect reality and write History. It owns millions and we must stand by millions before it.

We do not have any economical capital but we have a human capital. In order to create events, affect reality and write History against the biopower, to undermine its programme, we must ask us two concrete questions: how can we win the battle for the public opinion? How to run the masses in political terms?

The struggle for the public opinion can be won regarding strategic communication methods and social engineering, rhetoric and overturning the public opinion (spin), in reality or throughout social networks as much as possible for the next crisis would be a cybernetic one and would affect internet as foresaw Alain Bauer (2). That huge cybernetic and digital crisis on a geopolitical scale and launched by a computer virus would strike the “bug of the century” will enable the power to cut the web down at least for a while, and most of all to put an end to the independent re-information alternative media following that good pretext. This is the programme that underlies the Great

Containment, adding physical containment to mental one, both cognitive and informational. The main aim is to dissolve any auto-organization of the people, any kind of autonomy from the horizontal shape of society. Thus, people must be physically separated from each others in real life throughout physical containment, social distance, teleworking, and to intent to sustain this new social order arguing that “nothing will be the same anymore” as we are told since a few weeks.

In a second phase, arguing the raise of a new digital global crisis, the power will separate the people from each other in their virtual social relations thanks to a downgraded internet, only limited to professional issues, mail systems and neutralized web portals whom the use would be preserved as a matter of victory. Let us suppose how much infernal would be a physical containment without any access to internet, which means without any access to re-information, without any possibility to understand what it is going on for we would be enclosed at home within a delimited perimeter and that our minds would be enclosed too, and forced to undergo the strict version of events as told by the power. In other publications, I named this progressive way to mental alienation “realitybuilding”, for it lies on the principle of the hypnosis: the hypnotizer statement becomes reality for the person under the effects of the hypnosis process (3).

R/ How is it possible ?

In fact, the hypnotized person is not necessarily sleeping and does not have access to any other information but the telling of the hypnotizer. Before it is too late, win the political struggle is an emergency, which means taking the power, to not settle only for countercurrent powers out in the streets or online, which are committed to be impossible to run anyway.

Taking the power implies to be able to ensure the security forces to be obedient. Metapolitical activism is not really sufficient and we must be involved in the political activism as part of the legal power. The security forces are able to exercise coercion on both the body and mind, do not obey to metapolitics but to the legal power and its local officials, that means the State. It is imperative to take back the control of the State if we must ensure ourselves to find a way out of the impotency that the metapolitics underlies. That involves organizing the political masses in a more straight shape way to carry on the conquest of power, which inexorably deals with assuming the quite undignified political game of the parties and mass organizations.


1) « Livre Bleu du Gixel, les BBA republient la version originale (et non censurée) »

(2) « Alain Bauer – Manager le chaos dans une crise « totale » » . Alain Bauer (born 8 May 1962) is a French criminologist. He was appointed in August 2007 by President Nicolas Sarkozy to reorganise the French system on studies and research on security and strategy, focusing on the creation of aNational Security Council

(3) « Géopolitique du Coronavirus XI – Entretien avec Lucien Cerise »

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